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Charlie's Angels
What Fans Are Saying About the Charlie's Angels Movie

Here's what fans wrote about the Charlie's Angels movie.

It was the first movie I ever saw that ladies kick butt.
It was wonderful. I love the movie. I'm going to buy the viedo when it come out. -YFY

This movie is the best!!!
Charlie's Angels is spectacular, it has everything you could want in a movie: great action scenes, very funny, beautiful women. -D

Best Movie Made from TV-show yet! -YZ

I will definitely buy the DVD.
Enjoyed the campy violence. -JE

This movie made me squeal with delight.
I hadn't seen a movie this good for a long time. The girls were beautiful and the action non-stop. An all-around great film. -AT

Best movie of the summer.
Great job McG directing this action packed was funny as well, all the kicking and jumping looked great, better than "The Matrix". As for Cameron Diaz, sexy,sexy,sexy, I considered her the best in the movie, but she was great, and I can't wait for it to be released on video. I'll will see it 4 or 5 more times before X-mas comes. -MT

Love It!
Action packed movie for a man and a woman. Loved the clothes. Loved the comedy. Great time at the theater. -TL

It Rocked!
I Thought This Movie Was Awesome! It Proves That Girls Can Kick A**! I Think That This Was Camerons Best Movie Yet! -B

Charlie's Angels are too cool. Girl Power all the way!
I feel that Charlie's Angels is a terrific movie and I love the action in it and the way that the women take control. That is so girl power! I absolutly love the music. -JS

Most Exuberant movie of the Y2K
Charlie’s Angels is beyond a doubt the most energetic and exuberant movie of the Y2K, with lots of action and battle, beauty and attractiveness, and trust with love! -EG

It was the best movie I have ever seen!
The special effects and the movie itself was great. I think Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu were perfect for the parts. -D

I waited for several weeks for this movie to come out and I was at the first showing. I wasn't disappointed at all. I always rate the movies that I see, on a scale from 1-10, and of course I rated this one a 10++++. Go Girls, is what I keep saying as I watched this movie. Now I have to get the action figure dolls that are out. -KR

Every male fantasy included
The movie had girls. What can I say ? Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu are gorgeous, and Drew Barrymore is, well, cute. They were dressed throughout in various costumes which would drive any high school boy nuts, too. (Wetsuits!) The action scenes, with their blend of Matrix-style special effects and pulsing techno music by Fatboy Slim and Prodigy, were superb, and the quasi kickboxing techniques used by the girls were pleasing to watch. The supporting characters and 'bad guys' were entertaining as well, especially the bizarre 'Thin Man', who is apperently John Steed's evil twin, decked out in a pinstripe suit and weilding an umbrella sword and Luger automatic pistol. The soundtrack was excellent, as was the filming. -WF

I thought Charlies Angels RAWKED. I saw that thing on TV about the movie and I thought it looked cool. I think Cameron did a damn good job. She is just a PERFECT angel. The dance scene was SO FUNNY. GO WHITE GIRL :D Hehe. A lot of people said the movie had no plot or whatever but I thought it was wicked. CAMERON WEARS BOYS UNDIES. COOL :D -SS

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